Thyroid & bio-identical hormones !

Dear Clients

I am so pleased to inform you that I wrote and passed the Ontario Prescribing and Therapeutics exam for Naturopathic Doctors this past November. It was a feat achieved only with support from my dear family, friends and colleagues.   I also wanted to thank you, my clients, for your patience during this adjustment period for the entire Naturopathic profession.

For those of you waiting patiently since Proclamation of the Naturopathic Act in July 2015, I am now able to perform intramuscular B12 injection and subcutaneous mistletoe injection for you again. Furthermore, I am now able to provide the following services to you post examination:

  • Access and use the substances and medications on the Schedules of the Controlled Acts Regulation (a complete list can be found in the schedules listed at These substances and medications currently include:
  • vitamin D over 1000 IU
  • vitamin A over 10 000 IU
  • thyroid hormone
  • topical bio-identical hormones (estrogen, progesterone)
  • Have an in depth understanding of the evidence based application of pharmaceutical drugs that patients may have had prescribed by other practitioners

If Ontario follows British Columbia’s legislation, we may have access to a longer list of natural and pharmaceutical substances. This would be a great step forward for everyone. Ontario naturopathic clients would benefit from access to more potent treatments through their qualified NDs. The general public would be protected from potential toxicities and side effects of stronger natural therapies. Our overburdened health care system will also get some relief by having more full-service naturopathic clinics. Instead of asking my clients to drop by a walk in clinic for a “just-in-case” prescription, I would be writing that back-up antibiotic prescription at the end of our visit, should you feel worse again on your trip out of town. Here is to healthier future.


Thanks again to everyone for you encouragement and understanding.


Kitty Shang

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