Toilet Training Blues

Toilet Training is a significant milestone in a young child’s emotional life.  Parents of early achievers proudly announce it to their acquaintances.  A child who is slow to toilet train is often acutely aware and embarrassed by it.

Approximately 6% of 5 year olds, boys twice as often as girls, still have difficulty staying dry at night.  If your school age child is among the 6%, it is time to seek help.

A simple urine analysis should be able to rule in/out diabetes, kidney problems, and urinary tract infection.

Is there a family history of delayed bladder control?  In some cases it is genetic.  However, there may be physical/emotional conditions which run in the family that contributes to the poor bladder control.

Does your child suffer from anxiety, stress, or experience bullying at school?  Are nightmares associated with accidental bed wetting?

Does your child’s diet contain artificial flavour, colour, or preservatives?  Certain individual/family/genetic make-up is highly sensitized to food additives, or even naturally existing chemical compounds found in fruits and vegetables.  These chemicals act as irritants on the bladder and create frequent desires to urinate or poor sphincter control.

Some simple diet change, stress management, and a well prescribed remedy may just change your and your child’s life.

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