The Trouble with Antibacterial Soap

Triclosan, the active ingredient in all the antibacterial products found on store shelves is a poison in disguise.  Since the SARS scare, these antibacterial products are found at all public gathering places, and especially in hospitals and clinics.  Today, it could even be found in toothpastes and kitchen utensils.
Just like overuse of antibiotics, the over use of triclosan could lead to microbial super bugs.Because Triclosan is used in so many personal hygiene products, it is also found in the Great Lakes.  Water waste treatment plants cannot remove this and other chemicals.  Studies have found it to alter the sexual organ appearance of fishes (endocrine/hormone disruption).  As well, it interferes with frog embryo development.  The latter may be related to thyroid hormone interference.

To make things even more exciting, when Triclosan is broken down, its by-products are cancer causing agents.

So what does this mean to humans?

Accidental ingestion of these antibacterial products could lead to an imbalance of your gut microbial flora, making you more prone to intestinal problems and compromise your overall immune system.

Over exposure of this product on a regular basis may also lead to fertility problems for both men and women.  Potentially also contributing to developmental abnormalities in fetuses.

What to do?

Good old fashioned Soap & Water.   And read the ingredients of everything you buy

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