Improving Sports Performance

Being physically active is typically considered as a healthy thing to do. However, chronic high intensity exercise can create excessive stress on the body. Whether you are a golfing enthusiast or an athletes participating in races and competitions, if you are pushing your muscles or cardiovascular system to the limit, you may be creating short and long term health issues. Some common injuries and performance issues include muscle scar tissue, connective tissue tear, anemia, irritable bowel symptoms, allergies, and weak immune response. Naturopathic medicine can complement physiotherapy, massage, and other treatments you are currently receiving.

Bowen Therapy:
For repetitive stress injuries without tissue tears, Bowen therapy is the least invasive and one of the fastest acting treatment method. Many patients have recovered from sciatica, frozen shoulder, tensor fasciitis, tennis/ golfer’s elbow within 4 treatments. Bowen therapy improves circulation to over used muscle tissues, creating general relaxation, and allowing normal ranges of motion and strength to return.

An excellent way to improving muscle circulation and alleviating pain signals. In cases of tissue tear, electro-acupuncture enhances tissue healing rate. For those who do not have a fear of needles, acupuncture is often described as a highly relaxing treatment. The effect of acupuncture treatment goes beyond the superficial muscle/bone structure; it tonifies your internal systems as well.

Vitamin C Intravenous Therapy:
Vitamin C (along with copper and the ammino acid proline) ensure healthy collagen creation during injury recovery. It is also a strong antioxidant to decrease oxidative damage which occurs during strenuous exercises. While preparing for races, high dose Vitamin C can ensure your immune system is up for the challenge too. Oral vitamin C absorption is limited by bowel tolerance. Most individuals experience unpleasant digestive symptom when taking higher than normal dose of vitamin C. Intravenous application of this nutrient prevent you from experiencing intestinal irritability.

Food Sensitivity Testing:
Want to get an edge above your competitors? Controlling your inflammatory process from the inside out will help. Even healthy foods can be harmful to your body. Our immune system is highly individualized, so one person’s health food can be like poison to your body. Individualized food sensitivity testing allow you to optimize your performance by decreasing the foods that cause you aches and pains, delay your healing, and weaken your immune system.

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