Respect the Antibiotics

In some families, back to school means another round of antibiotic.  Someone inevitably gets an ear infection or a bad cough.  The tight schedule at start of a new school season triggers a bladder infection.  Eating left over lunch kept in locker and the consequent digestive protest.

When antibiotics were first discovered, it saved countless lives from amputations and even death.  We should go back to seeing antibiotics for the powerful medicine it is.    Use it sparingly and only when necessary.

Most respiratory tract infections are caused by viruses.  Unless there are indications of severe bacterial infection, antibiotic usage would not shorten your recovery time.

Because of antibiotics’ popularity in the past, many strains of resistant bacteria have emerged.  Make sure that before you take a particular medication, have your sputum/urine sample cultured and checked for antibiotic sensitivity (determines whether a particular antibiotic will have an effect on the microbe in your body).  It only takes an extra day and will save you the hassle of paying for and taking a medication that does nothing for your condition.

In the meanwhile, there are a number of natural remedies that will help you get a jump start on things if not completely resolve your ailment in 1-3 days.  If you have a naturopath, she will gladly do a short consultation over the phone.

Make sure you always take oral probiotics following antibiotic treatment.  All too often, individuals treated for bladder/sinus infection end up with yeast infection, thrush, athlete’s foot, jock itch, or skin growth just a few weeks afterwards.

There are now strong scientific evidence associating antibiotic usage with autistic spectrum disorder (watch The Nature of Things-Autism Enigma), inflammatory bowel diseases, and a host of other chronic conditions.

Leave antibiotics for when you really need it.  Trust nature cures!

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