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Korean Glass Noodle (Jab Chae)

200-300 g dry glass noodles (greyish looking when dry)
2-4 oz beef
1/2 bunch spinach washed, drained, chopped
1 carrot cut into thin strips or shreded
1 bell pepper cut to thin strips
1 bunch green onion cut to strips
1/2 inch ginger grated
1 egg scrambled to small pieces
Soy sauce
Sesame seed oil
Cooking oil

Step 1-Marinade beef:
Freeze beef the night before so you can slice the meat really thinly (just thicker than paper).  Place meat in a small container, cover 1/2 meat with soy sauce, add water to fully immerse meat.  Add ginger, 1/2 of the pre-cut green onion, and 2 tsp sesame oil.  Marinade in room temperature for 1/2 hour.

Step 2-Cooking noodle:
Boil a large pot of water.  Once water is bubbling over, add noodles, cover, and turn off heat.  Check on the noodle in 8-10 minutes.  While the noodle is soaking, do Step 3.

Once the centre of noodle is soft, take it out of water bath immediately.

Step 3-Stir Frying
Add enough oil to cover the bottom of a large pan. Once the pan/oil is warm, stir fry the vegetables at high heat.  Add enough soy sauce to make the vegetable salty, add sesame oil to taste.  Don’t over cook the vegetables to keep nutrients alive.

In a separate, thick bottom or cast iron pan, cook the marinated beef.

Step 4-Mix
Throw the beef, scrambled eggs, and noodles into the large pan with vegetables.  Thoroughly mix.  Add more soy sauce and sesame seed oil to taste.

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