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Herbs Your Kids Will Love to Take

Iced Tea
Nettle Peppermint Tea- great general tonic for all ages, rich in minerals, cooling refreshing.
1/4 teaspoon nettle, 1/4 teaspoon peppermint, 1 cup hot water to steep.  Add black strap molasses or honey to taste.  Refrigerate.

Herbal Jello
Elderflower Lemonade Gelatin -immune strengthening for viral and bacterial infections, soothing for achy throats.
1 package of plain gelatin powder.  Instead of juice, make a concentrated elder flower tea (2 heaping tsp/ 2 cups of boiling water steep for 15 minutes and strain out all liquid).  Reheat tea in pot if necessary, add gelatin powder.  Add fresh lemon juice and honey to taste.  Refrigerate in funky silicon molds to make different shapes.

Calming Desserts
Add some lavender, lemon balm, chamomile, or rose pedals to a batch of cookies or muffins may be a calming way to get settled for the evening.  For fresh herbs, add approximately 1 tablespoon per 1 dozen muffins.  For dried herbs, immerse approximately 1 teaspoon of herb in small quantity of hot water for 1 dozen muffins (don’t forget to subtract the hot water from total wet ingredients)

Aromatic Breads
It is not uncommon to find caraway seeds in commercially made white rye bread.  There is no reason not to include caraway or anise seeds into other baked breads.  Caraway, anise, dill, fennel are all “carminative” herbs which benefits digestion.  Add approximately 1 teaspoon per loaf.  You can also try sprinkling some caraway or anise onto cabbage dishes to help reduce gas pain.

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