New Chapter

Packing up to participate Women’s Centre of York Region Open House tomorrow.  This will be my first public event since S.E. was born.  We will have to negotiate the feeding and napping schedule on the fly tomorrow.  I have no doubt it will work out beautifully.  No matter how impossible it seems sometimes to incorporate S.E. in various aspects of my business life, we always managed to make things happen in the end.  Ok, some tears gets shed here and there from one or both parties.

I will probably need the service of Dr. Lee, my chiropractor, after carrying the treatment table and displays up and down the stairs.  I feel like the Halloween version of Santa Claus.  Bag full of goodies, handouts, brochures, and business cards to hand out.  Instead of candies for the kids and young at heart, I am bringing containers of Play-Doh.  Lots of fun without the aweful consequences.

I am afraid that I am not as ready for this Open House as I had hoped.  There is simply never enough time in the day.  I wanted to produce a few new brochures and marketing tools that matched my new branding.  Reinventing oneself takes lots of time, a dash of courage, a pinch of creativity, and the right amount of heat.  I’ll get the package ready by January.

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