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Patient Intake and Consent Forms

pdf iconAdult Intake Form (The latest form and fee schedule will be emailed to you prior to your appointment)
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pdf iconPediatric Intake Form (The latest form and fee schedule will be emailed to your prior to your appointment)
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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to stop seeing my family doctor if I want to see a naturopathic doctor?

A naturopathic doctor approaches disease conditions very differently from a general practitioner. Although some individuals choose to have a naturopath as their family doctor, you certainly can have both.

If you suffer from a chronic condition (e.g. Crohn’s, irritable bowel, eczema, psoriasis, arthritis) or just want to prevent disease before they develop, an experienced naturopath may be able to help.

Does OHIP pay for naturopathic visits?

At this time, naturopathic medical visits are not one of the services covered by OHIP. However, the majority of workplace health benefits will pay up to $500-800 per year, January to December, for you to receive naturopathic treatment advice. For the finer details, call your Human Resources department to find out more.

I am self employed. Is it true that my health insurance premium can be fully deductible for income tax.

Self employed individuals are able to purchase health insurance plan to cover for all family members (spouse/ common law partner and children) and have the premiums deducted as a business expense. This would cover up to $1500 annual premium per adult and $750 annual premium per child. Should the premiums exceed this cap, the difference can be claimed under “medical expense tax credit.”

Please see this article from Sun Life insurance or talk to your insurance agent.

Do I have to pay tax on naturopathic services?

You do not have to HST on your naturopathic visits as of February 12, 2014.

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