Laboratory Diagnostic 

Some of the lab services we provide include:

Food Sensitivity Testing

  • Selection of test panels from 50-200 food items, health foods, herbs, food additives, environmental agents)
  • Result as fast as 5 business days
  • We provide testing from Alcat, Rocky Mountain Analytical, and Gamma Dyna Care.
  • See Clinical Nutritional Counseling
Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis
  • Determine gross mineral deficiencies and heavy metal toxicity
  • Useful for individuals with history of smoking, silver dental fillings,
  • living near mining or metal industries
  • Useful for individuals with thyroid condition, immune conditions,
  • neurological conditions, and cardiac conditions
  • Result as fast as 5 businee

Urine Analysis

  • Urine Dipstick for hCG (pregnancy test) & LH (Ovulation) test available   for home use at bulk discount
  • Standard UA for annual physical or for pregnancy check up to determine obvious chemical abnormalities
  • Home urine pH strips to assess cellular acidity

Hormone panels

(estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, melatonin, cortisol, DHEA, etc.)

  • Correctly assess the level of hormones affecting your body at a cellular level
  • Ideal of individuals experiencing menopausal health concerns
  • Useful for individuals with insomnia, anxiety, and chronic stress
  • Useful for women with menstrual irregularity or those attempting to conceive.
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