Intravenous Micro Nutrient Therapy (I.V.N.T.)

Intravenous nutrition is one of the most useful therapy for individuals suffering from inflammatory bowel disease (Crohn’s or Ulcerative Colitis).  For individuals with poor digestive function, IV therapy bypasses the weakened organs and supplies the body with much needed nutrient for normal function and healing.

IV therapy is also designed to supply large quantity of beneficial minerals for those who have metabolic disorders, such as fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue.  In these individuals, due to impaired biochemistry, a higher than normal amounts of trace nutrients are required to maintain normal function.  Oral intake of nutrients is often inadequate.

High dose intravenous vitamin C has been extensively used to synergistically treat certain cancer, complementing conventional chemo and radiation therapy.  As well, low dose IV vitaminC is useful in surgical/ athletic recovery by increase the anti-oxidant level, improve immunity, and enhanced collagen protein production.

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