Acupuncture & Traditional Chinese Medicine

Chinese medicine is the world’s oldest and most complete medical treatment system.  It utilizes herbal medicine, tuina (form of massage, similar to shiatsu), hydrotherapy, heat therapy, as well as acupuncture, the latter being the most well known in the Western world.

Traditional Chinese medicine has its own system for assessing and diagnosing health conditions based on observations.  Your pulses will be observed on three separate location on each wrist.  You will also be asked to extend your tongue in order to observe its color, coating, shape, and size.

Today, Chinese medicine is frequently utilized for the treatment of infertility and chronic pain.  Numerous recent studies have validated the efficacy of acupuncture in assisting individuals with fertility challenges, whether you are under going IUI, IVF, or trying to conceive naturally.  Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine can also be utilized for any ailments that occur during the course of a normal pregnancy, and for induction of labour.  Even children can benefit from Chinese medicine for digestive issues, skin conditions, and behavioural disorders.  For many individuals suffering from chronic pain, 3-4 acupuncture treatments may bring significant relief.

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