Clinical Nutritional Counseling 

Many chronic disease and health concerns in Canadian society can be overcome by eating the right foods and by avoiding the inappropriate ones. The benefit of eating a healthy balanced diet in preventing heart diseases and diabetes are no longer in dispute in North America. In 1988 the US Surgeon General acknowledged the value of a good diet while simultanously condemming the typical SAD (standard American Diet). Click to see our healthy recipe.

Did you know that even “healthy” foods can make you sick?! Leaky gut syndrome and food sensitivity is plaguing approx 70% of the population and most don’t even know it. Conditions like adult acne, PCOS, obesity, eczema, psoriasis, frequent urination, no yeast vaginal itching, chronic ear infection, frequent respiratory tract infections, seasonal allergies, joint pain, and headaches may actually be symptom of an unhappy digestive system.

Are you supplementing correctly? Are you taking the supplements at the right time for your body to absorb the nutrients. Is it a quality product? Do you actually need the supplement? Are your getting toxic doses of a nutrient because the same nutrient is found in 3 different products? Is what your are taking preventing your body from absorbing something else your body needs? Most importantly, are you only treating the symptom and ignoring the root problem?

We can help you sort through the wild maze of nutriceuticals products, ensure you are getting the maximum benefits from your health foods, and save you money.

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