Integrated Naturopathic Cancer Care

Evidence based integrated naturopathic cancer care is based on the latest peer reviewed research studies.  These research studies are from European, Asian and the United States hospitals where complementary therapies are used in conjunction with chemo, radiation, and surgery.  Integrative naturopathic cancer care does not replace conventional cancer treatments.

Our goals are to help you:

1.  Stimulate your body’s innate ability to control tumor cell growth while you are waiting for your hospital treatments to begin
2.  Reduce side effects of chemo/radiation so you are able to complete all your necessary treatments
3.  Enhance your response to conventional treatments, and minimize treatment resistance
4.  Protect your healthy cells from chemo/radiation damage.
5.  Improve your quality of life while living with cancer (improve appetite, increase energy, decrease pain, better sleep)
6.  Increase survival rate and reduce cancer recurrence
7.  Reduce or eliminate any lingering effects of conventional treatment (neuropathy, chemo brain, fatigue, etc)

When is a good time to start integrative naturopathic cancer care?

As soon as you are diagnosed!  From diagnosis to hospital based treatment, you may have a few months of waiting.  There are a lot you can do in the meanwhile to help strengthen your body for the journey ahead.  The American Institute for Cancer Research states that 1/3 of all cancers can be prevented through lifestyle and dietary modifications.  High dose intravenous vitamin C therapy can enhance many hospital based treatment and does not diminish their effectiveness.  Low platelet and low white blood cell counts can put a stop to your conventional treatments.  There are many naturopathic treatment options that can boost your platelet and white blood cell count back up to acceptable levels again.

Is IV vitamin C safe with regular cancer treatment?

You may have been told that intravenous vitamin C is unsafe during chemotherapy.  There are currently no evidence to support this myth.  In fact there are a number of research articles supporting the use of high dose intravenous vitamin C during chemotherapy to reduce side effects of chemotherapy.  A number of research were also done on interaction between IV vitamin C and chemotherapy drugs.  There is no indication high dose IV vitamin decrease the efficacy of chemotherapeutic drugs studied.

The following is an an easy to read review article that summarizes the benefits and safety of IV vitamin C, from 90+ previous research articles.

Here is a link to the United States government funded National Cancer Institute.  Their perspective on IV vitamin C is more conservative, but did not show any harm in combining IV vitamin with other cancer treatments.

Healthy, but want to know more about cancer prevention?

Here are a number of websites:

  1.  Cancer Care Ontario’s “My Cancer IQ” has a self survey to calculate your risks
  2. Physicians Committe for Responsible Medicine has an article on meat consumption and cancer
  3. Medline Plus is a US government research website that’s easy to use.  Just type in any health condition and you will find some basic information and a few links to other resources.
  4. Come in for a chat.  We can talk about your specific risks and health concerns
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