Berry Picking

It was a beautiful morning for strawberry picking this past Saturday.  The weather forecast said rain all weekend and even some thunderstorms. We ignored it and were rewarded with a lovely breeze [...]

Choosing a Daycare-Part 2

Health and Well Being: How much out door activity will your child get?  Even a young child could benefit from being in the elements at least ½ if not a full hour each day.  Sunlight resets our [...]

A Whole Lot of Talking

I am super excited to be speaking at the Women’s Centre of York Region tomorrow in nutrition and healthy family.  I love educating women on health issues because they will transfer that new [...]

Wear Your Baby

There are myriad of products created by ingenious moms and toy companies aimed to make the lives of modern mothers easier.  Some allow a child to bounce up and down while suspended in some form [...]

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