Berry Picking

It was a beautiful morning for strawberry picking this past Saturday.  The weather forecast said rain all weekend and even some thunderstorms. We ignored it and were rewarded with a lovely breeze which brought us the sweet fragrance of strawberries even before we reached the patches.   It also meant no mosquitoes.  The over cast sky kept us cool too.

8923834This year we decided to visit the Spring View Farm in Uxbridge for the first time for their pesticide free berries (  A friend recommended them.  In the past, we have always gone the the Organic Family Farm at 10th line and Stouffville Side Road area (  With a lively young one, the Spring View Farm was perfect.  The berry fields were far away from the road so she could eat berries and sniff wild flowers without us constantly keeping an eye on her.  Perfect, so mom and dad can do their own strawberry eating, I mean picking.

The owner of the farm takes “pesticide free” seriously, I almost got a lecture for spraying citronella on ourselves before leaving our car.  Instead I was kindly pointed to the direction of hand washing station.  Love it when people are passionate about their work.   Definitely going back again for raspberries and other goodies.

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