A Case of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal tunnel is most often caused by repetitive use of the hands.  Office workers with excessive computer keyboard use, musicians, or other individuals who uses their hands in a limited range of motion are prone to this condition.  Patient often report pain, numbness, tingling in the palm, fingers, or wrist.

Conventional medical treatments include reduce usage, wrist guard, ergonomic desk/keyboard, cortisone injections, and surgery to open up the palmar aponeurosis.

Case:  33 year old book keeper came to office in August, reporting numbness and tingling of her hands as well as tight neck and shoulder from recently increased work load.  Physical examination revealed no major neurological or motor deficit.  There was no loss of function, just irritation.  She is at the early stages of physical stress.

1st Treatment:  Basic Bowen Therapy involving the major muscle groups of the body.  Bowen treatments works to increase blood flow to tense muscles and improve waste material removal.  Every patient, regardless of the pain location, receive the same basic treatment to literally unwind the fascias and detoxify the tissues.  Patient felt relaxed but did not notice major changes.

2nd Treatment (1 week after 1st treatment):  Patient report carpal tunnel pain is 70-80% improved 2 days after 1st treatment.  She is anxious, however, of pain returning at an upcoming weekend back country canoe trip.  She was treated with Bowen therapy for upper torso area, deltoids, and forearm area.  Patient again did not notice any major changes while receiving the treatment.

Phone Consultation (2 weeks after 2nd treatment):  Patient has just returned from her weekend canoe trip.  Absolutely no carpal tunnel pain!

Patient did not require another treatment until 6 months later.

**  Details of this and other cases have been slightly altered to protect  confidentiality.

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