Newmarket Home & Lifestyle Show 2019 and more

We have great news to share.  For the 5th year in a row, we are a winner of …

Reader’s Choice Award

Since 2014, Bayview Naturopathic Wellness has been a winner for the Newmarket Era Reader’s Choice Award.  I feel privileged to be helping this community become healthier.  I promised I will continue to learn more ways to help you feel better.
Another BIG NEWS…
Bayview Naturopathic Wellness is participating in the Newmarket Home & Lifestyle Show this year on March 29-31.  This is the first participation ever since I started this clinic.  As an introverted person, this is quite a leap for me.  Yet, I am also really looking forward to the opportunity to meet everyone and talk about how natural therapies can prevent disease and facilitate healing.Prizes to win…
I asked my regular supplement suppliers to help me out with prizes and they have out done themselves.  There are so many wonderful prizes for attendees to win, so come by and put your name in the raffle draw.  I will try to post some pictures of different raffle prizes the week of the home show, so check out my blog and Facebook page around that time.

I have also designed a quiz for you to test your health knowledge. The answers may surprise you.

If it has been awhile since we chatted, come by to find out what’s new at Bayview Naturopathic Wellness.

I am so excited to see everyone!

Visit Bayview Naturopathic Wellness at Booth # 234.  We are located near the Market Place and the restrooms.

Need Home Show ticket?  Call 905-235-5168 or email for your free tickets.
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