Postpartum Self Care

Here are 4 things a new mom can do to ensure a good recovering from childbirth 1.    Postpartum Doula:  One of the best investments for a postpartum woman, who lack family support, is to hire [...]

Pesky Heartburns

Most of us have experience heart burn one time or another.  However if acid reflux is a regular occurrence, you should seek treatment that gets to the root cause.  More than just a nuisance, [...]

Mother Roasting

Being a mom has changed over the generations.  One of the most unfortunate changes in recent history is the absence of social support for new moms.  Grandparents, aunts, uncles all live far away, [...]

Summer Garden Plants

Summer is in full swing.  Gardening centers are bursting with vibrant hues of annuals and perennials in various potted arrangements.   A word of caution, if you have young children at home, or if [...]

Frequency Matters

Free Public Seminar on Thursday June 28th 2012  7pm to 8:30 pm More and more research is demonstrating the danger of cell phone frequencies and other electromagnetic radiation’s effect on [...]

New Chapter

Packing up to participate Women’s Centre of York Region Open House tomorrow.  This will be my first public event since S.E. was born.  We will have to negotiate the feeding and napping [...]

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